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Out-of-Body Experience and Lucid Dreaming: How to, Free Ebooks and Videos

This website is for those who love “out-of-body experience” (OBE), “lucid dreaming” and “astral projection” – only here they are all regarded as a single phenomenon: the phase state. No theorizing or nonsense here. Only what works in practice and nothing else!

The practice of phase states of the mind is the hottest and most promising pursuit of the modern age. Unlike in the past, the notions of out-of-body experience, lucid dreaming and astral projection have already lost their mystical halo, and their real basis has been studied in minute detail from the most non-nonsense approach. Now, this phenomenon is accessible to everyone, regardless of their worldview. It is now known how to easily master it and apply it effectively. This website gives each and every person something that previously could only be dreamt about – a parallel reality and the possibility of existing in two worlds.

The essence of the phase state (lucid dreaming and out-of-body experience) is that practitioners realize that they are outside their physical body, which they only remember and do not feel in any way. Instead, they find themselves in a space that is just as real in terms of perception and structure, yet in which they experience sensations that are even more intense than those of waking reality. One can also walk, touch, hear, see, eat, experience joy or pain, and much more. In addition, one can now fly, walk through walls, morph into other creatures, and so forth.

Compared to this, all other types of entertainment, including computer games and even drugs, look like child’s play. However, one can use this state to achieve various practical goals, and so entertainment becomes self-development. For example, one may obtain information from one’s sub-consciousness, travel, meet with various people (including the deceased), influence the physiology, develop creatively and artistically, fulfill desires, as well as master skills and abilities – and all this is only the tip of the iceberg of lucid dreaming!

The Best Free Guide for Lucid Dreaming and Out-of-Body Experience

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“This FREE ebook is the result of our study of lucid dreams and out-of-body experience. It’s about how to achieve it, how to control it, and how to use it in everyday life. All facts presented in this book have been proven by vast numbers of practitioners and years of research around the world by Michael Raduga’s research center. And there’s no theorizing, but only hard facts and techniques.”

How to Start Your Practice of Lucid Dreaming and OBE? Did We Help You? Please Support Us:

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Phase Day

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How to Astral Project – The Importance of Micro-Sleep
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One of the most common issues that I am contacted with revolves around an inability to push their astral projection practice any further. Questions that I receive typically sound something like this:

“I have been lying here for over an hour. I am remaining completely still, but nothing is happening. What do I do?”


“I am starting to make progress, and I can feel my body starting to fall asleep, but the process won’t go any further. What am I doing wrong?”


“I am feeling tingling in my limbs and torso, but I just can’t get it to evolve into the vibrational state. What do I do next?”

The answer to all of these questions is the same. Relaxation.

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Lucid Dreaming Predisposition Self-Test

This simple test was developed by teaching lucid dreaming to thousands of people. To get your score, give yourself 1 point for each true statement:

1. I have inadvertently become conscious during a dream.
2. I have inadvertently had the sensation of leaving my body.
3. My body has been paralyzed before upon awakening or falling asleep.
4. I’ve woken up and gotten out of bed before only to realize that I was still dreaming.
5. I usually sleep for longer than 8 hours.
6. I can easily sleep for over 10 hours.
7. I have lots of vivid dreams nearly every night.
8. I sometimes sleep not only at night, but also take afternoon naps.
9. I’m 18 or under.
10. I’m female.

Score (number of points for each TRUE statement (T) – the more, the better):

0-3 Points: You can still learn to have lucid dreamings, but will have more difficulty than others. It might take you dozens of tries to have your first lucid dream. Remember: lucid dreamings is something that everybody can achieve, and there aren’t people who are unable to enjoy this amazing practice.

4-6 Points: Moderate difficulty. It may take up to 10 solid attempts to have your first lucid dream. You already have a predisposition for this practice – you just need to fully activate it. Simply follow the instructions closely and you’ll be able to achieve untold heights in your personal practice.

7-10 Points: You have a strong predisposition for the practice of lucid dreaming. You should be able to do it in from one to several tries. Actually, it’s going to be easy for you to live in two worlds at once: the physical one and the world of lucid dreamings. Don’t let this opportunity slip by!

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App “The Phase”

All you need for lucid dreaming and out-of-body-travel! It’s a free app with free articles, techniques, and ebooks: AndroidiOS and others (iPhone/iPad: to pin the app on your homescreen tap “Add to Home Screen” icon in the share menu of your browser)

Android iOS and others

P.S. Apple Store declined the newest version of this app. Reason: not enough of user experience (Guideline 4.2), although absolutely the same Russian version of the app is on App Store… That’s why iPhone users can enjoy only web app. We’ve tried to appeal, but with no avail. Please refer all questions to Apple – app ID 907384055, version 826012824

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Video: The Inderect Method for Lucid Dreaming

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“Elizabeth’s Mystery”: Knights, Lucid Dreaming and Love

Read about the practice of out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming in a new format: three imaginative novels (Elizabeth’s Mystery, Elizabeth’s Rescue, and Elizabeth’s Mission). An absolutely new take on the study of techniques for mastering and employing these phenomena in real life, as well as a captivating and unpredictable adventure story.

Book One: Elizabeth’s Mystery

“After surviving a bloody raid by fierce mutants, a twist of fate brings orphaned country boy Thomas Yourg to Parthagon, the kingdom’s legendary, forbidden capital. All inhabitants of the ideal city are happy and wealthy, while their entire lives revolve around a mysterious practice that has brought people to perfection. Now a grown man, Thomas dreams of becoming a knight in order to take revenge for his family, but his path is beset by a large number of obstacles, oddities, and puzzles, with the main one hidden in one of the towers of the king’s castle.”


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Quantum Physics in 5 Minutes – for Dummies
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Wonder what is quantum physics? What a dummy you are! Get these 10 amazing quantum physics facts with pictures for dummies. Your world will never be the same after you take a look at these discoveries:

1. Wave function collapse

In 1803, Thomas Young sent a beam of light through an opaque plate with two slits in it. Instead of seeing the expected two lines on the viewing screen, he saw several lines, as if two waves of light from the two slits had been interfering (overlapping) with each other. It was the beginning of quantum physics. Every dummy should know it! Over the 20th and 21st centuries, it has been proven that not only light, but also individual elementary particles and even some molecules behave as waves – as if they were going through both slits at the same time. However, if you place a sensor at the slits that observes what exactly happens to the particle at that point, and which slit it finally ends up going through, then only two lines will appear on the projection screen, as if the fact of observation (indirect influence) collapses the wave function and the experiment subject behaves as a particle.

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The Phasieland Fairy Tales. Lucid Dreaming for Kids!

Ten original and educational fairy tales for teaching children and their parents to control their dreams and use their skills to accomplish a variety of goals in everyday life. Get now!